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The Territorial Dispatch

April 16, 1997

A Potpourri...

Many of you read my story about Annie last time and many of you agreed that it was a rotten thing to do to a three-year-old.

Several of you pointed out to me that CPS does do some good.

Good for them, I say. I'm all for children being saved from abusive parents, relatives, sitters, caretakers. Parent's who fight and take it out on their youngsters or get drunk and beat the kids ought to have them removed to a safer place for a cooling off period.

This was not the case with Annie.

CPS did not determine the safety or care factors of the home Annie loved.

But Annie is back with Grandma for the time being, I am glad to report. She was singing a little tune to herself as she tagged Grandma to the laundry the other day.

The law, as instructed by CPS, said their reason was that Grandma was in bad health. They 'had heard' she needed to drag an oxygen bottle around with her every where she went... not true. They went in anyway... to "save the child".

Grandma has thirty days to prove her innocence. ( I always thought it was 'innocent until proven guilty'!) She must obtain medical records and open them to the court to prove that she is innocent of the charges held against her.

Of course she'll do it. It's the only chance she has of keeping little Annie.

And, for now, Annie is happy. A three-year-old has no concept of time and she doesn't realize that her happy home could end in 30 days or it could go on until she becomes a teenager... all at the whim of an agency that must do what they do to comply with the 'rules' and never take the time to review individually the lives they intervene.

Thanks to all who expressed concern about 'Annie'. Whether she knows it or not, she has friends that are watching the situation.

Ah! Daylight Savings Time... the great spring weather and long California evenings are what makes the Golden State great. When people ask why you live in the flood plain of the Sacramento in northern California... on a day like today just spread your arms wide and say: "This is why!"

After volunteering my services to Beckwourth Frontier Days for six odd years a lot of my T-shirts are emblazoned with the logo of that festival and incite questions from people when I am out in public. The big question this year has been "Will there be a Beckwourth Frontier Days in 1997?" The answer is yes! The first weekend in October in Beckwourth Riverfront Park. It should be in good shape by then.

Arrangements are being firmed up for Jim Beckwourth's annual birthday party and the Vern Williams Memorial Beckwourth Challenge Golf Tournament.

The VWMB Challenge, you may want to note, will be the first golf tournament to be played at Plumas Lake Golf and Country Club since Flood '97. It should be a great experience blazing a Beckwourth Trail over the fairways of the beautiful Plumas Lake course.

The Vern Williams Memorial Beckwourth Challenge was established in the memory of the Festival's first Jim Beckwourth role player. Profits of the tournament support the festival's activities and a percentage goes to the area's juvenile justice program into which Vern invested many hours.

If you would like to have a brochure mailed to you please call my voice mail (478-8997) and leave your name, address and telephone number and I will see that you get more information.

So, once again tax time is behind us. And I bet you made yourself a promise to keep up with the book work on a daily or weekly basis for next year. I know I did. And I intend to keep it that way this year! Realistically... I might make it until mid May!

Here's a great idea: If you are getting a refund take your tax preparer to lunch some day to say thanks.

Quote of the Week:
The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf.
&emdash;Will Rogers. 1879-1935

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