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The Territorial Dispatch
August 21, 1996

Boy, we're in the thick of it now...

Boy, we're in the thick of it now... summertime, forest fires, politics, fairs and festivals... heat and more heat. Seems to me this August is extra busy for some reason. It's unfortunate that there are more and more fires being started by arsonists than there used to be. Before you know it 'they' will pass a law requiring stronger sentencing for people who start fires in the summer when it is already hot... the way they do for robbers who threaten clerks or tellers with guns instead of knives. Like it makes a difference when you illegally start fires or what your are threatened with in the course of a robbery.

Speaking of making a difference... some people make a difference. Ellie Cary for example. Last year she was one of the volunteers that put together the Sutter County exhibit for the California State Fair. When they ask if she would chair it this year she took on the job and was determined to finish 'in the money'... which she did... the bronze award!

Of course she did not do it alone. The job is too monumental, but the organizing... getting a design, getting supplies, getting help to build, decorate, transport, assemble and man the exhibit... takes a special person with special talents and incredible patience. But she did it! Thanks, Ellie!

The California State Fair is happening now and will continue through Labor Day. If you get there be sure to go and see the Sutter County exhibit. It has what may be the world's biggest photograph of the world's smallest mountain range.

The exhibit honors the Sutter Buttes... the shining, glorious landmark of Sutter County. No county, anywhere else in the world, has a mountain range as unique as the Buttes. Speaking of Buttes (and fairs)... the Butte County Fair is this weekend. The fair in Gridley is always a nice place to spend some time. The shady, well-kept grounds invite you to investigate all the exhibits and entertainment.

Beckwourth Frontier Days will be represented once again at the Butte County Fair by Orlin Stearns, John Myers and various other fun-loving, history-portraying folks who will spin yarns of the old times for you, and demonstrate 'hawk and knife throwing, stone carving or how to start a fire with flint and steel.

If the government has already confiscated your car and you have to stick closer to home, The Acting Company would like to entertain you with their presentation of Steel Magnolias. Unless you just moved into town last month you're bound to recognize at least one of the great local ladies who play the six leading roles in this hilarious but touching play.

And speaking of familiar faces around here... we are going to need a program or scorecard to keep track of politickin' in Marysville this fall. It should be comforting to residents of that town that so many people care so strongly about it that they want to run for mayor! They all must be driven by a desire to help the town... I can't imagine that there will be any personal glory in the job!

And speaking of fall... the new semester started at Yuba College this week. Does it seem that summers are getting shorter?

Yup! It is definitely a busy August....

Quote of the Week...
There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday... so few that we feel like doing today. &emdash;Mignon McLaughlin

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