Franecdotes by Fran art

Franecdotes by Fran art

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Franecdotes by Fran art

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Franecdotes by Fran art

Franecdotes by Fran art

Franecdotes for: February 6, 1997

The Territorial Dispatch

'Twas the week after Christmas
And all through the towns
We were planning a New Year
Full of smiles and no frowns

The stockings were emptied
But twinkle lights glowed
In the valley it rained...
In the mountains it snowed

The weather, as usual
Was anyone's guess
As the TV predicted
A 'Pineapple Express'

The Big Night was upon us ....
When folks celebrate
The chance to start new...
Makes us feel really great

Most cops were on duty...
And totally vexed
As they were dispatched...
From one party to the next

So the New Year arrived
Despite parties and rain
But what was to follow
Gave us reason to complain

"You must get in your cars,
And get outta here!"
Came the warning to all...
The first day of the year

So we packed what we could
And we fled, helter skelter
Toward ground that was higher...
To seek out some shelter

With ears glued to the radio
We soon heard the worst
The Feather River levee
At Arboga had burst

Heliocopters came by
And saved a few folks
Who hadn't heard warnings...
(Or thought they were jokes)

Evacuees were anxious
And searching for news
Of their families and friends...
Of the stuff they could lose

Sympathy was expressed
With each word we could utter
Then... disaster again
In the county of Sutter

Away through the levee
It came with a crash
While neighbors abandoned
Their homes in a flash

With small warning the water,
So muddy and quick
Destroyed people's homes...
It just makes you sick

Our wonderful valley
Is filled up with crud...
The mud and debris
Of the '97 flood

A miracle is ...
Only three lives were lost
But homes, pets and possessions
Paid the ultimate cost

The days of anxiety
Seem blended to one
And a month has gone by...
A New Year's begun

It's February now...
And I'd just like to know
Where in the heck
did January go!!

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